Responsibility and Contraception

Let’s face it, sex is fun.  It feels good.  Really good.  No one who has, can, or does partake of sex will deny that is one of the most enjoyable activities for humans.

It’s important to note that sex creates people.  That’s what it does.  Having sex makes more people.  Again, this isn’t news to those of us who have had, or will have, sex.

What do more people create?  The answer to that is much more complicated.  So let’s talk about this not as “more people”, rather a person.  Because sex creates just one person (well, most of the time, but we’ll leave twins or more out of this).

The first thing sex creates is another mouth to feed, not just our own.  Sex also creates a relationship with the other person who is biologically part of the mouth to feed, whether you like that person or not.  Although, if you’re willing to have sex with someone, I would hope you like them a little bit.  Sex creates dirty diapers, sleepless nights, field trips, college tuition, brothers, sisters, and/or grandchildren (because sex creates more sex, no one will deny THAT statement).  Sex creates borrowed cars, boyfriends, sporting events, school pictures, punishments, cell phone bills, and trips to DisneyWorld.  Simply stated, sex creates responsibility.  Responsibility is a consequence.

How does contraception fit in to this responsibility and consequence?  Contraception allows for the removal of responsibility and consequence while leaving the capacity to feel good.  Perhaps that’s over simplifying the discussion.  But contraception means that one doesn’t have to consider what will happen after having sex.  Instead, one can just think about having more sex.  Without the risk of responsibility.

Because no one wants to be responsible, right?

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