Ten Second-Graders are Missing at School…

So, I was listening to Issues, Etc. (yes, I know, you hear that a lot on this blog), and I heard a message from the Susan B. Anthony List.  It’s a group that works to elect Pro-Life female candidates to political office.  This blog’s purpose is not political, it’s to spread the message of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.  But what I heard made me stop and do a little math.

1.25 million abortions occur in the United States every year.  There are 124,000 schools (public and private) in the U.S.  My son is starting the second grade, and he has a class of 16.

There are ten children missing from his class…

There are ten children missing from every single class in the United States…

That’s 110 children missing from my son’s school, a private Lutheran school with funding problems directly related to low attendance.

I’m not blaming mothers who “choose” to abort their children for the school’s financial problems.  I’m pointing the finger at myself, someone who “stayed out of the argument” in college because “it is the law.”  I’m accusing myself of a lack of support for his school because I didn’t make a point to say that it was wrong to take away ten of his friends and classmates.  I’m expressing my contrition over the fact that I haven’t considered 110 little sets of ears which could hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 110 children who could learn about, live with, and love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.  I am the sinner.  And my son is suffering the ill effects of my sin.  God forgive me.

50 million people have died because of abortion since 1973.  The oldest would have turned 38 this year, and would have had their own children, who would also be in my son’s class.  More voicing singing God’s praises on Sunday morning…

So, consider this.  I once heard this from a man who is much more thoughtful and faithful than I:

“Image that a politician stepped up to the microphone and said the following:

‘A woman has the right to choose if she should have to live with her second-grader.  A woman should be able to decide if her second-grader should be allowed to talk and whine and ask questions and want to play and be fed and clothed.  A woman has the right to choose who should be around her own body.  A woman should have the right to choose to abort her second-grader.’

We would call that politician insane!  We would run him out of town and call for his head!  And yet, we elect individuals who are saying the same things, only about children 8 years younger.”

There will be ten second-graders missing at school next month…

7 thoughts on “Ten Second-Graders are Missing at School…

  1. Thanks for writing this! Not only is what you wrote very true, it’s heartbreaking! I bet a lot of our school’s, church’s and even our nations problems could possibly be solved with these missing children!


  2. The children, the unborn and the pre-born are not the problem. The problem is/are the adults in charge saying that all your problems will go away with the “procedure.”

    The Pied Piper of Hamlin stole the children away when the townsfolk refused to pay him for getting rid of the rats. In those days, children were considered property (as were the women) but had value beyond personal enjoyment/entertainment. We no longer consider children propery, but in a twisted way, society has dehumanized them.


  3. Quick correction-SBA works to elect any pro-life candidates, among other things like informing people on advancements of pro-life legislation and scientific developments in embryonic and adult stem cell research. Thanks for the great blog post!


  4. Well written my friend. I believe that all of us need to take some of the blame for not speaking up on this issue. It seems that abortion has just become the “norm” in society. No one really feels the need to talk about it and when someone does have the courage to they are tagged as someone who is a religious fanatic. It is a sad state of affairs indeed…


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