Gospel of the Week – July 24th

Matthew 13:44-52 – Jesus tells four parables to the disciples.  He’s building them to be the Apostles (yeah, I know, they sound like a rock band…), and teach others about the kingdom of heaven.  This is the importance of the summer season in the church year (aka “The *insert number here* Sunday after Trinity”).  It’s when we look to the coming Christ and the End of Days, when Christ returns.  Advent to Easter is the life of Christ and Easter back to Advent is the Works and Teaching of Christ in the Lectionary (the list of assigned readings for the year).  It’s why every Sunday is another parable or lesson of Jesus.  We’re learning about Him while we wait.  During this time of year, the words of the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy Kingdom come,” mean all the more.  We wait in patience, working through the Gospel lectionary for the year, preparing for the return of Christ.

And, to be honest, I like the Gospel lessons this way.  If you read through the middle of Matthew, it’s story after lesson after parable after story after…you get the idea.  This way, we can stop and consider the Words of Christ each week.  We can meditate on the Gospel reading.  Seven days is almost enough time to work through the meaning, to let the lesson wash over us and as we begin to dry and settle in, we get doused again with another Gospel reading!  How wonderful it is!  And then we get another parable to think about for the next seven days!  Praise the Lord!

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