The Researchers are Coming to Get You!

An article from the Life Issues Institute’s website ( entitled “I’m Pro-Life and Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research” by J.C. Willke, M.D. describes in depth the growth pattern and process for a “fertilized egg” to the later stages of a fetus’ development.  The quote he made that stands out to me the most defines, I think, the discussion of when life begins.  “The biologic fact is that from day one, inside and then outside of the uterus, this is one continuous, uninterrupted period of growth and development.”  Effectively, he is saying that life begins when the mother and the father literally come together and form a living creature, even if it starts as a single-celled organism.

Using embryonic stem cells for research is like finding out that we can take required, vital organs out of a living, active person and use them to test ways to make our lives better.  I am not referring to the taking organs from people who are already dead, or have donated their bodies to science.  I’m talking about “researchers” walking into classrooms, or businesses, or libraries, or grocery stores and grabbing your teacher, or your boss, or even you, and cutting us open to find parts to use to treat others.  This is ESCR.  It is taking life from living creatures for “research.”

If we assume that the life of a single-celled version of a human being is not worthy of the same protection we give animals from product testing, we will reach a point where taking people who are less “important” or “productive” for testing will become a reality.  Life is precious and a gift, no matter how old or many-celled it is.